Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance is a program instituted by the federal government to provide health care insurance coverage to the people. The program is run by the center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It is totally funded by the federal government and social security taxes. Once you have enrolled into the program you can get Medicare services from Medicare Advantage Plan or Original Medicare. Original Medicare is offered directly to the people through the federal government while the Medicare Advantage Plan is offered by private companies. The insurance program is for older people above the age of 65 years. It is also offered to young people with disabilities and those having end-stage renal disease such as permanent kidney failure. There are different types of Medicare programs offered which include:

Medicare Part A

This Medicare insurance covers Inpatient stays in hospitals. It also covers hospice care, skilled nursing care and home health care.

Medicare Part B

Part B Medicare insurance covers outpatient services, preventive treatments, medical supplies and certain doctors’ services.

Medicare Part D

It is also called the prescription drug coverage. It mainly add prescription coverage to:
• Medicare cost plans
• Medicare private service plans
• Original Medicare plans
• Medical savings accounts plan

It is very important that you understand your choices of the right Medicare insurance coverage. You can reduce the cost of your Medicare depending on how you chose and who chose to provide the services. Medicare insurance Plan provides a lot of additional benefits including, dental care, routine vision and accident insurance. Medicare is however different from Medicaid, which is another health insurance program by the federal government. It is possible to have both insurance covers. Medicare has many benefits than you can ever imagine. The insurance plan reduces the cost of Medicare by as compared to other coverage. It also helps people to coordinate their health care easily between different care providers. It is therefore your duty to have the best heath care coverage for your own health.