Auto Insurance

Information on Car Insurance

Those who have been through the experience of a car accident can certainly attest to the need for good car insurance protection for financial loss and injury. An auto insurance contract is an agreement between the insurance company and the person being covered. It mandates that the policyholder be consistent and on time with his or her monthly premium payments while the insurance provider in turn agrees to compensate for any covered losses in the event of an accident or other covered loss. Pretty much every state now requires that drivers show financial responsibility and this is usually is in the form of carrying minimum basic coverage in order to drive on our nation’s roads.

Types of Coverage

A standard car insurance policy generally offers six kinds of coverage including that for personal injury, bodily injury liability, comprehensive, collision, property damage liability and underinsured and uninsured protection. Policyholders are welcome to purchase other additional coverage to add to the basic policy to enable more comprehensive coverage.

How Premiums Are Determined

The cost of premiums will vary from one driver and vehicle to another depending on a myriad of factors. Here is the general breakdown:

One’s Age and Gender
Insurance providers will normally charge higher premiums for the coverage of teenagers, new drivers and young adults up to 30 years of age. This is due to the fact that these groups are at higher risk of accidents. It is also statistically determined that women tend to be more cautious behind the wheel, and this can lead to less costly premiums.
The Make and Model
The kind of car covered can also make a difference due to higher output engines (sport cars), their repair and replacement costs, etc.
One’s Marital Status
It has been shown that single drivers are responsible for more accidents than those who are married, which means higher premiums normally.
Misc. Factors
Other issues that affect cost include one’s credit score, a car’s safety rating, one’s driving record, as well as the car’s age. Policyholders may also be offered several discounts, such as when one completes a safe driving course, if one is of a certain occupation, is a good student or when driving fewer miles per year than on average, and so on.


Accidents are exactly what the word means, unexpected and can happen at any time and any place. Obtaining good auto insurance coverage will protect you from the financial repercussion of the many risks that one faces daily as a driver. There are many insurance providers on the Web, so finding the right one for you is quite easy. Keep in mind the importance of reading and understanding all the policy details before purchasing a plan