Health Insurance

Information on Health Insurance


Everyone needs to have health care at one point or another and it can range from the annual physical check up to any kind of specialized procedure or emergency need. Health insurance is made available to cover the costs of visiting one’s primary care physician, a specialty doctor, a hospital or a clinic visit that provides some form of covered medical treatment.

Who Benefits

Health care is for people of all ages and walks of life and allows the policyholder to visit doctors for their own needs or for those of their children or for geriatric care. Adults take advantage of this coverage in any number of ways from health check-ups to internal medicine doctor visits and other practitioner services. Pregnant women and mothers are afforded coverage for obstetrics and gynecology services as well.

How it Works

Health care insurance policies are designed to cover normal medical bills. Most policies will provide comprehensive coverage for such things as preventive appointments like physical checkups and lab tests. In order to see a specialist, insurance companies require that the insured individual obtain an official referral from their primary care physician. Normally a co-payment is requested at the time of the appointment. Often an annual deductible must also be paid prior to an insurance company paying for treatment.
Health insurance can be obtained in both family and individual packages. A married couple who have children can purchase a policy that provides coverage for the entire family unit. A single individual can also buy insurance to cover his or her costs only. For medication, insurance companies provide various levels of coverage. People who need to take prescription drugs will often choose plans that can pay for needed brand name and generic medications.

Big Benefits

Out-of-pocket costs for medical bills can be overwhelming or even devastating, so good health insurance can provide some major relief for an individual and his or her budget. Both inpatient and outpatient treatments are covered by this type of insurance and is also very helpful for any visits to an emergency room, for urgent care or rehabilitation and places that provide physical and mental health care services.


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