Regal Inspection

Regal Inspection is a full service inspection company that creates accurate, detailed inspections and delivers them to you in 24hrs or less. We handle Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties. Services include:

Standard Inspections
Our standard home inspections are perfect for homebuyers and Realtors who have a home under contract. During the due diligence period, we come in and examine the accessible areas of the home to find any visible evidence of damage, defects or infestations. This inspection, per InterNACHI standards, offers the best chance of discovering any major issues. Included for free in all our standard inspections are:

Thermal Imaging ScanThermal imaging scan: We use this technology to look for differences in heat signatures in areas such as flooring and walls. Thermal imaging can detect evidence of water damage, pest infestations, or even electrical wiring problems.
Landscaping InspectionsLandscaping inspections: Hurricanes knock over trees, and pooling water can flood an otherwise well-protected home. We look at the grading, the drainage, and the trees (including palms) around the structure to assess the potential for damage.

Seller’s Inspections
This home inspection provides a full report on the visible and accessible state of your home before you put it on the market. If we find any previously known or unknown problems, you can decide how to deal with them: either repairing damage or adjusting the price. Either way, you won’t be surprised by a homebuyer’s inspection during the sale.

Four-point Inspections
For this inspection, we examine the four systems of your house that are most prone to failure: your roof, your plumbing system (including all the connections), your electrical system (including the wiring and panel box), and the HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You can order this inspection anytime, but it may be required to get house insurance, especially if you own an older home.

Wind Mitigation Inspections
If you live near the coast in South Florida, you may need hurricane insurance. To qualify, you must get a wind mitigation inspection. For this service, we inspect your home specifically to determine how well it can sustain heavy winds. We look at the exterior facing and joints of your home, as well as the roof and construction. A good report can save money on your insurance.

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