By Husam Mohammed | March 5, 2020

Is Business Insurance Required By Law?

Hi. This is Lou Mohammed with Insurance Medics here from Davie Florida. Today’s question is, is business insurance required by law? Well, in some industries, in some instances it is. For example, in order to open an auto dealership and sell used cars, you need to have a dealer policy in order to get the license, or in some certain contractors or trades, such as plumbing or general contractor, once again, in order to apply for their license, they need to have a general liability policy in place.
Oftentimes, if it’s not required by law and you’re renting a space, generally your landlord may require it. It may not necessarily be required by law, but generally, insurance is required by someone. In some circumstances, it can be required by your customer. A customer may say that we don’t want to deal with you or your company until you provide proof of insurance, right? If you need business insurance or have any questions about your business insurance, please give us a call today.