Dental Insurance is one of the most sought out insurance policies as many if not all health insurance plans seems to always leave out. At Insurance Medics, you will find that there are many options for Dental Insurance. Dental Insurance is typically designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with the dental care.

There are several types insurance for individuals, families and groups. There are three primary categories:

Indemnity – Allows you to see any dentists that accepts that coverage plan.

PPO (Preferred Provider Network) – You can choose any provider within the network that accepts specific dental plans

DHMO –  You can visit only an assigned in-network dentist


Enrolling into a Dental plan depends on your requirements. Some people prefer plans that offer preventative services such as scheduled cleanings, others may prefer more comprehensive plans that provide dental services covering fillings, root canals and more. Learn how Insurance Medics can provide you with multiple Dental Insurance options with great savings.

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